Room and Bed

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    • Left is shower room, right is room.
    • 2 female rooms (3 and 5 in the picture), 2 male rooms (7 and 9 in the picture)
    • If we had a shower room in the room, the room would get bigger, but we separated it so that you could shower comfortably and the shower sound could not be heard in the room.
  • Room Advantages
    • There are 4 beds in one room.
    • Vertical blinds were installed between the bunk beds.
    • Each bed in the dormitory is independent and private.
  • Personal table & LED light
    • You can close the blind curtain and make reading and notes without disturbing other guests.
  • Various functions of the table
    • You can place your backpack on a small table. It is good to be able to put tired feet on the trip.
  • Independent air conditioner
    • All rooms have independent, adjustable air conditioning.
  • Curtain between beds
    • Vertical blinds can be controlled to pass through the bed (①) and can be blocked (③). ② is a semi-open state.
  • Stool
    • It is an auxiliary ladder for users of bunk beds and can also be used as a simple table.