Shower Room

Phone for Reservation +82)10-7657-0909

  • Separated private shower room
    • There are 5 single shower rooms for all.
    • 2 for men (A, B), 3 for women (C, D and one other)
    • Because it is apart from guest room, you can shower comfortably.
  • Clean shower room
    • The showers are always cleaned, and a clean, dry towel is provided free of charge.
  • Shampoo, Conditioner free
    • We offer quality shampoo and conditioner for free.
    • The shampoo and conditioner provided varies from shower room to room.
  • Bathroom Supplies
    • Each shower room has its own hair dryer.
    • Each shower room has a small vanity and scale.
  • Curling iron for women
    • In the women’s shower room there is a hair iron for the female guests outside the shower room.